The Berlin Declaration

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Currently, national esports federations and associations all over Europe are looking for a unified European representation. Over the last couple of months, meetings in Lausanne, Paris and Berlin took place in order to shape this vision of an association of European stakeholders.

The European Esports Meeting Berlin on April 10th, 2019, brought together 15 national esports federations and several European stakeholder organizations. The meeting resulted in “The Berlin Declaration” and the intent to move on in the direction of an European organization.

The next meeting will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on May 28th, 2019.


The Berlin Declaration is officially supported by

The Berlin Declaration

April 10th, 2019.

European Esports Meeting Berlin 2019


1. We come together as representatives of the esports movement in our respective countries. We are united by the passion of fair competition with the use of digital games as a tool for comparing our performance.

2. We believe in the values of dedication, commitment, respect, fair play and personal and structural integrity. Esports and its games are carrier for emotions, feelings and passion bound to the competition and therefore have an influence on individual personalities and conducts. We are aware that this comes with great responsibility. We are forming role models in a sports society that strongly is in need of a new vision of moral integrity.

European Esports Organization

3. Together, we share the vision of esports being united in Europe. Therefore, we decided to join each other in preparation for the founding of a European Esports Federation.

4. The European Esports Federation brings together individual national representations of esports and European stakeholders in a setting of solidarity and friendship.

5. The European Esports Federation will be the European voice of its national member federations. It will provide a democratic platform for its members in organizing and developing the federation itself and esports in general.

6. The European Esports Federation will be a free and independent one; it will be solely obliged to its members and their players, working as a non-profit organization without any obligations towards third parties.

7. We stand for a positive, engaging and motivational esports environment. The European Esports Federation will promote a conscious, responsible, sustainable, healthy and value-based development in esports.

8. The members of the European Esports Federation will be supported in their respective national development, structuring esports with shared knowledge and experience in solidarity between the member nations.

European Esports Ecosystem

9. The position of the European Esports Federation is in the center of the esports ecosystem, connecting all stakeholders for the common value of developing esports as a player’s movement.

10. The European Esports Federation will govern its own matters, competitions and structures independently. In a digital framework with a complex system of stakeholders, we understand the role of a federation as a moderating partner rather than a governing body.

11. We respect the ownership of intellectual property and the rights bound to it. We expect the awareness and commitment towards a responsible use of such rights, supporting communities and esports players, beyond economic benefits.

European Identity

12. Esports is a transnational movement to the core of its identity. We are competing online and offline without any hesitations or bias, only limited by technological necessities, able to ignore any border that would otherwise divide us.

13. While our European vision is not bound to the European Union, we share its values of a unified society living in peace and prospering from supporting each other. Like no other sports movement, esports is benefitting from an open Europe in a free and peaceful world.

Final Provision

14. We will meet again on May 28th, 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland in preparation for the official establishment act of a European Esports Federation in 2019.

Supported by following federations:

        • BEA – British Esports Association
        • BESF – Belgian Esports Federation
        • ESBD – German Esports Federation
        • ESVÖ – Austrian Esports Federation
        • HUNESZ – Hungarian Esports Federation
        • France Esports
        • RESF – Russian Esports Federation
        • SAEŠ – Slovenská Asociácia Elektronických Športo (Slovakia)
        • SESF-RS – Serbian Esports Federation
        • Svenska esportsförbundet (Sweden)
        • TESFED – Turkish Esports Federation
        • UESF – Ukrainian Esports Federation
        • ESA – Esports Association Polska
        • FIES – Federazione Italiana E-Sports
        • ESD – eSport Danmark
        • IESA – Israeli Electronic Sport Association
        • SeSF – Swiss Esports Federation






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